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Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert

Safety Cloud digital alerts lets rescue and recovery technicians digitally notify drivers for safer roads.

Fatality rates among rescue and recovery professionals are rising. When operators activate their lights, approaching drivers receive real-time alerts to slow down and move over.

Improve safety for all roadway users

Safety Cloud reduces risk of collision for rescue and recovery workers by getting drivers' attention earlier and more effectively.

Make drivers slow down sooner

By alerting drivers up to 30 seconds before they'd approach a rescue and recovery worker on the side of the road, drivers will be more likely to slow down and move over.

Rescue and Recovery Expert Ron Pratt and Family
on Roadside Safety and Digital Alerting

Join towing expert Ron Pratt as he and his family offer valuable insights on roadside safety and the vital role of  Safety Cloud.. Ron’s years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry provide a unique and worthwhile perspective on the importance of safety for emergency responders.

Visit HAAS Alert's website to learn more.

Recovery Management Software 

Apex RMS software is packed with features to empower control room operators and management teams to manage your recovery business. The software will effortlessly and efficiently manage your staff, vehicles, and overall business operations all in one comprehensive and dynamic application providing auditing and reporting capabilities that will take your efficiency and performance to a new level.

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Apex Networks is an innovative software house providing IT systems and services to the automotive industry including motor breakdown, patient transport and automotive glazing management packages.

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