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Our PTS software package includes all of these fully featured applications, allowing for seamless integration of your jobs and managing your staff, vehicles and business.

Control Room Dispatch
Control Room Dispatch
PTS Control Room Dispatch Screenshot

Full control over every individual booking.

Track status, timing, drivers, vehicles and complete management of your jobs.

Automatic record keeping of every job and incident.

Driver App
Driver App
PTS Driver App Screenshot

Dispatch jobs directly to driver app.

Seamless updates and communication with control room.

All patient information secure in app environment.

Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking
PTS Vehicle Tracking Screenshot

Real-time GPS tracking for you and your customer.

Map view of all ambulance locations real-time.

Provides patients with real-time updates on transport location.

Route Planner
Route Planner
PTS Route Planner Screenshot

Automatically allocate routes to ambulance drivers.

Single or multi pick up routes planned and updated in real-time.

Web Booking Portal
Web Booking Portal
PTS Web Booking Screenshot

Customer web interface for easy new job bookings.

Frictionless uploading of all relevant patient information.

Fleet Management
Fleet Management
PTS Fleet Management Screenshot

Daily, weekly, monthly checks of entire ambulance fleet in the system.

Automatic reminders of upcoming events (MOT, service, etc).

PTS Messaging Screenshot

SMS straight out of control room system to both drivers and customers.

Individual or group messaging and automated, event-driven messages.

Human Resources
Human Resources
PTS Human Resources Screenshot

Manage employee operations (rota, absences, holidays, licences, etc).

Seamless integration with other parts of the system.

Dynamic Real Time Business Information
Dynamic real-time business information
PTS Dynamic Real Time Business Information Screenshot

Data dashboards to track your activities.

Wall mount screens for increased operational visibility and control.

Providing you with complete operational control, efficiency and record keeping for your entire fleet and transport events.

  • Easy and total management of your jobs everyday.
  • All information records of a job stored in one place - providing a reliable audit trail.
  • Overall efficiency in a complex and regulated industry, saving time and costs.
Paramedic and Ambulance

Easy to adopt and secure

  • Monthly subscription, no minimum contract.
  • Cloud based.
  • We work with you to manage initial set-up.
  • Helpdesk.
  • Secure systems – ISO27001 certified.
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Apex Networks

Apex Networks is an innovative software house providing IT systems and services to the automotive industry including motor breakdown, patient transport and automotive glazing management packages.

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