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Posted on 25th April 2022

CQC inspections have become much simpler thanks to Apex Networks Patient Transport Management Software.

Apex-networks are delighted to find that their Patient Transport Management software is simplifying CQC inspections for its customers.

The software is a perfect aid for the CQC's comprehensive inspection methodology, which examines documentation, including personnel files, patient records, accident reporting and the investigation of incident reports.

During the last CQC inspection, North West Private Ambulance Liaison Services (NWPALS) discovered that they were streets ahead having subscribed to the Apex software.

The CQC were very impressed with their auditing and how the software not only offers high levels of operational control, but also efficiently keeps records of the entire fleet and its vehicle maintenance.  Electronic processes, via the Apex software, are in place to highlight when vehicle checks are required including MOT testing.  In addition, checks such as daily cleaning equipment are recorded, for which it can be difficult to find a reliable audit trail for.

Jamie Smith of NWPALS resported that it was one of the best inspections that the CQC had seen in the private sector.

During the inspection, the CQC were pleased to see that staff were using electronic  job sheets shared with control room staff at headquaters or direct with crews at depots.  Staff reported incidents via their electronic tablets that were then uploaded to the electronic reporting system.

Staff are using the application on their phones, which has prompts regarding safeguarding information. The software features drop down menus which indicate any additional needs such as dementia conditions, any reduced mobility, mental health concerns, any infections or if a 'do not attempt cardio-pulmonary resuscitation' was in place.  Sub-categories can even show the severity of a condition.

A contract was shared during the inspection that showed electronically when a job was received, when on route, at the pickup and drop off locations and time clear after completion.  Any concerns about any incidents during a job  were recorded.  Satellite navigation  systems are available on the electronic tablets, helping drivers to plan journeys efficiently and effectively.

The CQC were pleased to see that NWPALS were using secure electronic systems with security safeguards when collecting, analysing, managing and using information to support all its activities. Apex systems are hosted in secure ISO27001 certified data centres.

  Feedback is also recieved alectronically, helping NWPALS to record the many compliments they receive!

"Safeguarding and a good referral system is imperative" says Jamie Smith.   "Apex PTS allows a crew to report any issues online instantly using their PDA app, which will be delivered into the right persons inbox to be actioned accordingly to triage, whilst leaving a clear audit trail.  The CQC was really impressed that it could reported and in my inbox wihtin minutes.  Apex has only made our CQC review stronger.  It's amazing - what else can I say?"

Are you ready for your next CQC inspection? For more information on how the software can help you please message  or click the link on this website to request a demo.

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