Recovery Management Software: Q&A

Can my customers make their own booking on the system?

Give your customers access to the Web Booking Portal, so that they can make their own bookings.

By allowing customers to book jobs directly to your RMS system, they can follow the status of a job so your team will spend less time on the phone, creating efficiencies. Top Tip - customers can retrieve forms and invoices from the portal as well as message the control room along with an audit and login history.

The Web Portal can also be branded with your customer's logo, made to feel like their own system.

How can I reassure my customers that we're on the way?

By using ResQtrac, customers can track when your truck is on its way. No need to handle follow- up calls as concerned customers can track your journey themselves.

How can I organise the loaning of courtesy vehicles?

The Hire Jobs feature tracks and audits who you lent each courtesy or loan vehicle to and for how long.

Pre-loaded form templates are a real plus for such things as rental agreements. Hire Jobs can also help with invoicing, ensuring hire vehicles are billed correctly.

No more confusion of what, when and who!

How do I know how cost effective my vehicles are?

The Fleet Manager and Maintenance function allows you to keep a tab on vehicle performance, the asset itself, the depreciation and what it costs you including fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Another great tip is that it will set up reminders of MOT's, services and inspections for you.

Can I record any vehicle damage to the software?

Add the Video Vehicle Report Function to your software to help reduce damage claims. ? You can take a video of any damage to the vehicle and combine it with your Vehicle Condition Report to protect you as a driver.

I'm not very organised.  How can I keep track of my stock?

If you are not using Workshop, you really should be. It's a really useful tool. Use it to record everything, even to record a lightbulb change!

It will keep you updated, not only to staff and vehicle costs, but also keeps track of where all of your lightbulbs have gone!

GDPR - does RMS software help me to comply?

GDPR rules are very strict about holding personal information when you shouldn’t be. A general rule is that you can keep customer data for 30 days after any work is done whereby you needed their contact data.

RMS software allows you to input a time period for the information to be automatically redacted, so you don't need to worry about keeping data any longer than you should.

The only exception is for cash jobs as you need to include a warranty period allowing you to legitimately keep data longer.

It's so frustrating when a customer breaks down and they don't know where they are. Can the software help?

PinPoint is a brilliant add-on app to your software that will locate your customers for you. No more searching in the wrong location!

Customers receive a link from the Recovery Operator to geolocate their location, showing exactly where they are at that time.

How can I record when my staff start and finish work?

A driver can clock on and off shift on their PDA. They can also select 'Driver Activities' if doing something other than driving.

You can put the software on a tablet at the entrance of the building for staff to clock in and out.

By making full use of the clocking function, you will have a greater overview of your staff movements, availability and it's a huge admin time-saver!

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