10 Reasons Why You Need Patient Transport Management Software

Posted on 10th February 2021


1. You are still using a whiteboard...

A whiteboard or even spreadsheets can work for you, but they are both really time consuming. Patient Transport software is the key to succeed. All the manual work you perform is done for you and your data is secure so you can concentrate on growing your business.

2. You find it difficult to keep on top of daily operations

The Control room dispatch module gives you full control over your fleet and transport events, helping you to work more efficiently whilst saving you time and costs in a complete and regulated industry. You have complete control over every booking - you can track the job status, timings, ambulance driver positions, vehicles and all other information you need for the control room. The system also gives automatic record keeping of every job and incident as well as easy uploading of all relevant patient information. All job information at your fingertips.

3. Your company lacks audit trails and you worry about a CQC inspection

The Fleet Management module keeps records of the entire fleet and its vehicle maintenance. Electronic processes highlight when vehicle checks are required including MOT testing. In addition, checks such as daily cleaning equipment are recorded, for which it can be difficult to find a reliable audit trail for. The software allows for safeguarding information to be recorded, drop down menus indicate any additional needs such as dementia conditions, any reduced mobility, mental health concerns, any infections or if a ‘do not attempt cardio-pulmonary resuscitation’ was in place. Sub-categories can even show the severity of a condition. All information records of a job are stored in once place, safely and securely.

4. You can’t see what jobs are running in ‘real-time’

The software shows when a job is received, when on route, at the pickup and drop off locations and time clear after completion. Any concerns about any incidents during a job can be recorded. You have ‘full status’ screens so you can see exactly at what point the journey is which can be relayed to the customer.

5. You can’t visually plan routes

A satellite navigation system on the software is available on drivers phones or tablets helping them to plan journeys efficiently and effectively. Our Vehicle Trackingis real-time GPS tracking for you and your customer. You have a map view of all ambulance locations real-time and you can provide patients with real-time updates on transport location.

6. You are losing customer details

Do you risk accidentally wiping details off the whiteboard or deleting a spreadsheet? Once you have entered details into the Apex PTS system, they always remain there. Entering jobs is much less time consuming as the customer details are already entered.

7. You are working from more than one site, making it difficult to communicate

The software can be accessed from anywhere in the world, staff can be up to date on jobs wherever you are. The SMS messaging module allows excellent communication within your company, staff absence is quickly managed, and important messages can be sent out making for a clear and efficient communication system within the team.

8. You are working with a separate HR system

The PTS HR function will manage employee operations like rota’s, absences, holidays and licences etc seamlessly integrating with other parts of the system. You will be able to allocate jobs to available staff, track clocking in and off, oversee rota’s and be reminded when staff licenses will need renewing or choose staff according to their qualifications.

9. You are not communicating with drivers effectively

The PTS Driver App dispatches jobs directly to the driver app on his phone or tablet. It gives seamless updates and communication with the control room. All patient information is held securely in an app environment.

10. You don’t think you have the spare time to change the way you work

Apex PTS is really easy to adopt. You take out a monthly subscription – there is no minimum contract and you can leave whenever you want, should you wish to. It’s cloud based – so accessed via your pc and android tablets. We have an excellent help desk. From the moment you subscribe, we’ll hold your hand through your set up and give you training on the system. Any time after that, just call our help desk who will be happy to help with any queries.

What are you waiting for? Book your Patient Transport Software demo today! 

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