Interview With Peter Willis Of Express Windscreens, Oxfordshire...

Posted on 1st April 2021

...One Of Our Latest AutoGlazeIT Users!

AutoglazeIT Whatwindsreen replacement windscreen management software

A few weeks ago, we caught up with one of our newest users, Peter Willis of Express Windscreens based in Oxfordshire. Peter took the time out to chat with us about his experience with Autoglazeit so far and the incredible changes it has allowed him to make to improve his ever-growing business.

Peter first heard about Autoglazeit through friends within the Windscreen Replacement industry. Peter knew that he needed to find a solution to help keep up with his growing business and high workload.

Back in July Peter got in contact with us and within a couple of weeks we had installed and provided Peter and his team with all the relevant training. Since then Peter has never looked back!

Peter told us that during the last couple of months it has changed his life and his business is now completely stress free!

"It’s brilliant! It saves me waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning worrying about what I've not done".

"It has made me more organised! I used to have boxes and boxes of paperwork and invoices, now I have no paperwork at all!"

"I would have gone mad without it! Anyone with 2 or 3 fitters or more need to get this!"

As a result of using Autoglazeit, Express Windscreens have been able to keep up with their remarkably busy workload. Additionally, they have also managed to increase the amount of jobs they are delivering every week.

Here is what Peter had to say in response to some of our questions...

What was it that made you want to change the way you were previously working?

Too much workload, we did plan to contact you in March but put it off due to the lockdown. It then came to July and we realised we still needed to do something.

What were you looking for in a solution and what made you finally choose us?

This is the only system that I knew of that would be able to do everything we needed; I don't know of any other system that does the same thing.

If we said that we were going to take Autoglazeit away from you and give you all of your money back would you say yes?

NO! It has massively changed my business and we are now able (and are) expanding the business thanks to you guys! The business is in a totally different place to this time last year.

What would you say to someone thinking of getting Autoglazeit?

Call me! If there is anyone ‘'umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about it, I am happy to speak with them about why they need it. It takes all your stresses away! Anyone with 2 or 3 fitters or more need to get this!

How did the installation go for you and your team?

The first 2 days were stressful because we started using it straight away, but it is so simple and easy to use, you don't need to overthink it!

Would you say that Autoglazeit did or did not meet your expectations?

It exceeded all expectations! It pays for itself with 100% return. There is nothing to lose. A few days ago, I was able to book in £700’s worth of work within an hour! We can do more in a day! We are saving so much time by not filling out paperwork and making phone calls all day. It is great that I can order the glass and not have to worry if it has been done or where it is. It also looks more professional to the customer.

What about the after sales service?

It was great! I had to call the guys a couple of times, but things were dealt with very quickly without any hassle. I do hope to add more to it soon as I know we do not use everything it can do yet.

"It has massively changed my business and we are now able (and are) expanding the business thanks to you guys!"

From all of us here at Autogazeit, we would like to thank Peter for taking the time out to chat with us. It is great to hear such positive feedback and we look forward to watching your business continue to grow!
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