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Posted on 21st May 2021

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If you haven’t subscribed to Patient Transport Software yet, you are missing out on a way to save you time, be more organized and ultimately grow your business.   Once it’s in place, you will not want to be without it.

It’s a crucial piece of management equipment for any medical service which requires patients to be transported to and from appointments whether it be non-emergency or high dependency.  It can manage your daily jobs, fleet, staff, patients and even organize your event work.   

If you operate more that one vehicle, then you need to be optimizing your fleet to its full potential by optimizing routes and pick-ups, ensuring that no time is wasted.  The software can optimize your pick up and drop off order ensuring everyone gets collected in the most efficient way rather than driving backwards and forwards. 

Why Patient Transport Software?

Apex Networks Patient Transport Software is a fully featured system that can really transform your business.  

The Control Room Dispatch gives you full control over every booking.  It tracks status, timing, drivers, vehicles and complete management of your jobs as well as automatic record keeping of every job and incident.

The Driver App allows for jobs to be dispatched directly to the drivers app on their phone or tablet. Seamless updates and communication are made with the control room and all patient information is secure in the app environment.  No missing forms and paperwork.  Everything is stored under the job for all future referral and inspections.

Vehicle Tracking gives you-real time tracking for you and your customer.  There is a map views of all ambulance locations in real-time providing patients with real-time updates on the transport locations.

The Route Planner automatically allocates routes to ambulance drivers.  These can be single or multi routes planned and updated in real-time.

The Web Booking portal is the customer website interface for easy new job bookings.  You can give your customers log in details and they can then make bookings directly via this portal, giving frictionless uploading of all relevant patient information resulting in less mistakes.

Fleet Management is a fantastic and very comprehensive system that manages the details of all of our fleet of vehicles.  Once all of your information has been input into the software, it can give you daily, weekly or monthly checks of your entire ambulance fleet giving you automatic reminders of upcoming events such as MOT’s, services etc.

Messaging for SMS straight out of the control room system to both drivers and customers.  This can be individual or group messaging and automated, event-driven messages.

HR helps you to manage employee operations – rota’s, absences, holidays, licenses etc.  There is seamless integration with other parts of the system, making for a simple and easy way to manage staff alongside operations.

Dynamic real-time business information is at your fingertips with this app that can be wall mounted on your screens for increased operational visibility, tracking of KPI’s and control.  It’s a great dashboard that tracks your activities.

The software is cloud-based so you can have access and manage your operations on site, at your office, from home or actually anywhere in the world!

The data you load into the system is accessible in real-time which means that your entire team can access information at the same time and within seconds of it being input. 

This software solution gives you the ability to control operational costs, maintain record keeping and be able to manage staff into rotas and vehicles into jobs as required. 

Apex PTS has grown over the years with regular system updates and enhancements based on customer feedback and recommendations.  We are always listening and keen to work with you to help to make the software work completely for you.

Contact us for more information and to arrange a free demo.

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